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The Sankofa Journey is an opportunity to understand our racial history, acknowledging where we've been, and opening our hearts and minds to the reconciliation and healing God is calling us into. It's a time to learn about, and discuss, the racial past that has brought us into today. It's an opportunity for honest, vulnerable, authentic conversations—educating each other, understanding our shared history, and truly listening with the intention of moving forward—TOGETHER.

It's not only a journey of historical relevance, but a journey for us to move head knowledge toward heart action, leading to an impactful change in our world today.

Guided Historical Tours

The Sankofa Journey takes people on a yearly guided cultural tour, guiding them through critical historical sites in St. Louis that are related to social justice and racial reconciliation.

Education Spurs Change

We must continue educating ourselves and our fellow American citizens to speak out against the injustice that has become normalized in our culture. Our learning will never be finished!

Support Our Journey

Whether you are a virtual participant in the journey, or want to support someone else on their journey, it's easy to give. Support the mission of The Sankofa Journey today!

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