A Hands-On Journey

There must be movement and new learning as time passes. As this forward march proceeds, the knowledge of the past must never be forgotten.
Take a journey with fellow St. Louisans, visiting historical sites throughout St. Louis that tell the history of the divide that continues to separate communities in this city.

What is the journey?
An intentional, interactive journey that explores stories of oppression, inequality, and racism while seeking paths forward to create lasting change.

Who is the journey for?
For anyone wanting to learn about how laws steeped in racism and our nation's history of slavery have continued to impact the politics and culture of today.

What can you expect?
A day-long journey (8am-6pm) where we visit cultural and historical sites (by bus) in the St. Louis area related to racial injustice. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and water bottles provided throughout the day.

Why do we do the journey?
The STL Sankofa Journey exists for this purpose: to provide a more palpable awareness of local past injustices done to people of color while also connecting them to the present injustices that are still occurring, so that more white allies can join the fight for equality for our fellow man.

Interested in taking your own journey, or supporting the mission of The Sankofa Journey?


"If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you recognize that your liberation and mine are bound up together, we can walk together."

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Fight Racism.

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